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Why did we plan the event?

"This is a good question we have been asked many times and the truth is, heartbeatuth was going to be a one off as we both wanted to give back to a charity that's helped us both. But then we sat down together and thought we could help more charities out there."

By Cookie


Rainbow Trust's Aim

Being told that your child is so seriously ill that they might die is something no parent ever wishes to hear. Nobody knows how they would react or how they would cope. And in this new world in which families find themselves, everyday life has to continue. This year we supported more families than ever before through our eight care teams, read how we helped families cope in our latest impact report: Impact Report. Every family in the UK who has a child with a life threatening illness should get the support they need.

Our plans are to:

  1. Ensure high quality service and support for families
  2. Extend our range and scope of services to families
  3. Increase our influence and reputation as a ‘trusted voice’
  4. Raise more funds to ensure we can maintain support for families
  5. Increase public awareness.
  6. We are committed to meeting increasing demand from families by growing our existing family support teams. We will also create a feasibility model for expanding to new locations in the future.

Our Aim for the 2020 event

Our aim is to raise 500 pounds for rainbow trust to help with the cost. AS there's an estimated 49,000 children and young people in the uk living with a life limiting or life threatening condition who may require palliative care. Not only we supporting the families but also the people who work for this amazing charity

Reviews from previous truckers who attended:

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